It's a love story for the ages, and one that will be visible from the skies for decades to come.

Years ago, a rambunctious young man of 28, fell in love with a beautiful young lady of 17. Against his better judgement (He wasn't sure the young man was in it for the long haul!), they convinced the local priest to marry them and had four children in the next seven years.

The young lady had a dream of creating a tree guitar, a land art guitar that could be seen from the air, but her busy husband kept putting her idea onto the back burner.

Then, at 25,  she died suddenly from a brain aneurism.

That was in 1977. Years later, her husband decided it was finally time to create her dream, so he enlisted their four children in the project and the Argentina land art guitar has wowed air passengers and pilots over Argentina ever since.

If it sounds like I'm making this up, I'm not. I promise! Their names are Pedro and Graciela Ureta. You can read the whole story, see pictures, even watch a video, from the Wall Street Journal article here.

Awww. So romantico.

Dave D.