It feels like money gets you no where these days. Well here are a few tips to help stretch your dollar a little further.

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    Gym Memberships

    Do you really use your gym membership? If the answer is "Yes I go almost everyday!", then go ahead and skip this tip. You're not getting ripped off. If you are spending $30-$50 a month and you aren't going to the gym, I suggest not renewing your membership. Instead go outside with a friend and walk around Sikes Lake. If you aren't motivated to workout, I highly doubt that buying a gym membership will help.

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    Eating Out

    Going out to eat hurts your wallet as well as your waist line. It's easy to consume 800-1,000 calories in just one meal at a restaurant, and that's not including the margarita or appetizer you'll order. On top of spending a quick $50 bucks for a short lived meal, you're expected to tip the waiter. Use that same money to buy groceries and cook a meal. Your wallet and your health will be better off.

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    I enjoy getting my nails done too, but $20 plus a tip for nails that look pretty for just a week is crazy talk! Instead buy some nail polish and paint them yourself.

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    Wow! Grocery prices are getting high! Coupons and price matches are your best friend. The iPhone has this cute little app called "Checkout SmartShop" that makes it easy to price match! Just scan the bar code with your iPhone and it finds it at the cheapest prices. Nearly every store price matches these days.

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    Vending Machines

    Vending machines get away with robbery just because they are "convenient." Well don't let them steal your dollars anymore! Instead of buying their marked up goods, just bring snacks from home!

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    Gas cards help save a few pennies, the Wichita Falls bus is free to MSU students, and bikes are pretty popular around here. Don't want to give up driving? I don't blame you. Just don't fill up your car. Put $20-$30 in a week and drive accordingly.

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    Being In A Wedding

    This just recently happened to me. I agreed to be in a friends wedding and now I have to buy a $400 dress, that I can wear only once. Well, maybe twice if I wear it to church on Easter Sunday. Plus I have to buy the bride a gift as well. Maybe the $400 dollar dress can be the wedding gift? Overall, I suggest not agreeing to be in too many weddings.

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    Electronic Accessories

    I worked at Best Buy for two years. It hurt my soul selling people over priced SD cards and HDMI cables. I'm not reaming Best Buy, they sell computers and most electronics at the price they get them and offer a lot of great services. However, electronic accessories are almost pure profit. Seriously, go online for the little extras you need for your Xbox or PS3. There is a ridiculous price difference.

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    When you are in the Holiday spirit you generally end up spending a lot of money. I suggest starting holiday shopping early and stocking up on items after the holidays. Also, avoid using a credit card or debit card. Take out cash so you can get an idea of how much you are actually spending. People get into hefty credit card debt because of holidays. Here are some more tips to help.

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    It's not just bad for your health, it's devastating to your wallet as well. How much is smoking costing you? Just think of what you could do with that money... take a cruise!

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