If you've been obsessed with the Netflix documentary 'Making A Murderer,' you already know who Brendan Dassey is. He's the nephew of Steven Avery. Steven, who had already served 18 years in jail for a crime he didn't commit, was accused of murder after he got out. His trial is the subject of the show.

Bendan is Avery's nephew. His confession helped put Avery behind bars this time. Many people think that his confession was completely made up and pushed on him by the police. One person who seems to agree with this theory is Brad Dassey, Brendan's half-brother.

Besides being family to the accused, Brad also is an aspiring musician. In fact, he's just recently released a new rap song talking about his views of the trial and conviction of his brother and uncle.

The song is called 'They Didn't Do It.' He wrote on his Soundcloud page:

Here's a track I wrote, spent 10 hours straight on about Brendan Dassey and Steven Avery. Brendan is my half brother in prison and is mentioned in the new Netflix Series, Making A Murderer. Please download and SHARE my new track to bring justice to my brother!