When I was a kid I would dream about what it's like to be royalty. I think almost every girl does. Most people, however, don't actually go about making bold statements pertaining to their royal background without having something to back it up. Something like, say, a crown, a country, or even a royal lineage.

This past week in Michiga, Joseph Lawrence Borowiak was charged with strong-arm robbery. It came about after he tried to get cigarettes from a 7-Eleven store but didn't want to pay for them.

Police said Borowiak went into the store on Schoenherr and 12 Mile roads at about 6:30 a.m. and asked the clerk for a pack of cigarettes. Borowiak told the clerk he wasn't going to pay for the cigarettes because he was a king and didn't have to, police said. He tried to grab the cigarettes, swung at the clerk and then ran out, police said.

Police tracked him to the front of a funeral home, where Borowiak needed to be tased in order to be subdued. It must be a real "shock" to learn you're not actually king.

Clearly, robbing a store of any kind is stupid. To make up an excuse like his, however, may be a first. I can just imagine the heckling he got in jail...

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