When 76-year-old Kenneth Ray Manis passed away this month, he was buried as many are – with possessions from their life. As it turns out, he was also buried with dentures that belonged to someone else, leading to him now being exhumed to retrieve those dentures.

It seems the dentures actually belong to a man who was sharing a hospital room with Manis, and the hospital reportedly added the dentures to the belongings of the deceased. As a result, the hospital is apologizing and paying for new dentures in addition to reburial costs and attorney’s fees.

Sounds like a pretty pricy error to me. Personally I would just ask for new dentures and be done with it, but I also understand why a family wouldn’t want foreign objects in the casket of their loved one. Since they clearly didn’t know they weren’t his to begin with?

To me, something is slightly off here…

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