During these tough times, people resort to all types of stupidity. 27-year-old Michael Edward Towler is one of them.

When Towler wanted to rob a pharmacy in Virginia, he was told they had set off an alarm and police were on the way. That frightened Towler off for a while. It would seem that he got home and schemed up a new plan, because he returned later wearing a lime green coat and brandishing a Samurai sword.

The second trip to the pharmacy seemed to work, because Towler made off with an undisclosed amount of narcotics.

People never cease to amaze me. In this world of little privacy, I assume that I'm being recorded every time I walk into a business. While it's unclear as to whether or not this pharmacy used video surveillance to catch Towler, I'm going to assume they have him on film. Attempting his feat not once, but twice, would only serve to give the pharmacy more ammunition in court.

Not surprisingly, Towler was caught:

The News & Advance newspaper reports that Lynchburg police arrested 27-year-old Michael Edward Towler and charged him with robbery, brandishing a weapon and attempted robbery.

So here's the moral of the story, people. A) Don't commit robbery. Chances are you'll get caught and the loot you walk away with isn't worth the arrest and jail time. B) If you still want to follow through with the crime, please choose an odd weapon  so we can laugh at you later when you're arrested. Because you will be arrested. And people will mock you.

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