Last week, 70-year-old William Oller Senior of Redding, California, and his son, 50-year-old William Oller Junior, were in Junior's mobile home singing some karaoke.

William Junior picked a country song  and unfortunately, we don't know the exact song.  All we know is that his father hates country music, and yelled at him to stop singing.

But William Junior wouldn't stop.  Finally, William Senior went out to his truck, grabbed a pistol, and pointed it at his son.  They fought over the gun, it went off a few times in the fight, and both sustained gunshot wounds.

William Junior was treated for shots to his shoulder, arm, and chest. William Senior was treated for a shot to his thigh, and arrested and charged with attempted murder.

And unfortunately for him, this entire story really sounds like it could be the basis for a great country song.  Here's his mugshot.

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