A Virginia man apparently likes his milk. He recently got dressed up in a cow costume, went to a Walmart, and stole twenty-six gallons of milk.

The 18-year-old left the store by crawling, apparently trying to act the part. He then stood outside of the store and was seen handing out jugs of milk to passersby. The costume allowed a view of his face and he was later found at a McDonald’s. No word on whether or not he was drinking milk.

There are a few things that are unclear about this whole story. It’s not understood why he entered the Walmart to steal the milk. It’s also unclear how he got that much milk out of the store. You’d have to have a cart completely full of jugs. Also, how was he crawling on the floor and taking off with all this milk?

Perhaps these questions will be eventually answered, but it makes for a great conversation piece. Personally, I’d dress up as a chicken and distribute chicken strips. The Tyson kind, since they’re full of crispy goodness.

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