A man in Bethlaham, Pennsylvania may have taken the lyrics to Tyler Farr's song Redneck Crazy a little too literal this last week.  According to reports, his girlfriend had broken up with him two days earlier.  He then called her and wanted her to come out drinking with him. She said no, because he gets violent when he drinks. That's when the crazy started happening.

The man allegedly used a golf club to break the windows on her car, and caused upwards of $500 in damages.

Now, I've heard the Tyler Farr song a many times, and have said before that maybe the title should be changed to "How to get a restraining order," but right now I think that shining your truck lights in your ex's windows and throwing empty beer cans is probably a better idea than attacking her car with a golf club.

Speaking of Tyler Farr's song, have you seen the video yet?