A man in Indiana just didn’t have a good experience with police. In fact, he was upset enough after his run-in with the cops that he threatened to eat them.

Paul Brock started by stealing a car from a gas station. It didn’t take long until police spotted him in the vehicle and got him pulled over. From there, Brock took off on foot and was subdued by a K-9 unit. During his arrest, he proceeded to kick the dog in the head twice.

Brock’s next stop was the hospital, where officers needed to check him over to make sure he was alright after being taken down by the dog. That’s when things got interesting.

Brock threatened to hunt down the officers and their families and their dogs… and eat them. It could have been the alcohol level of 0.26 that was talking, but chances are you’re not getting out of cuffs while making threats like that. Just a guess on my part.

He was taken to jail and remained there on $25,000 bond.

Morons always make me smile. They’re just too much fun!