The June issue of "W" magazine has some incredibly hot photos of Miranda Lambert.  They're kind of a throwback to the '60s.  In one she's stretched out in black pantyhose and in another she's showing off a sexy bra.

There's also an interview that focuses on Miranda's best trait - yes, her take no crap personality.  She says,

"The tough-girl thing comes naturally to me.

"When I started out, I'd only wear jeans and tank tops.  No dresses.  I didn't want these dudes in the bars that I was playing to look me up and down because I'm a blonde girl with blue eyes.  I wanted to be heard, not seen.  That's how it all started."

Miranda still owns the Oklahoma farm she bought while dating Blake Shelton, so they asked her if she's planning to get rid of it.  She said,

"Hell no.  We mostly live at Blake's, but, if you’re pissed, 10 miles away is far enough. "If we have a fight, I can say, 'Go home' or 'I'm going home.'"

And that, my friends, is the reason Blake may never leave Miranda.  There are plenty of hot chicks in this world, but not too many who are that sexy, that talented, and that self-assured.  And that - is hot.

Check out these sexy pictures of Miranda Lambert posing for 'W Magazine:'

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