I’m not sure what it is about Waffle House. They seem to attract some interesting characters, to say the least. And back in 2012 they did draw low marks from Consumer Reports on their list of best family friendly restaurants. The latest Waffle House tale comes from Georgia and it’s anything but friendly.

Fox 5 News in Atlanta reports that a 37-year-old Marietta, GA woman went on a naked rampage at the Waffle House in Kennesaw, just north of Atlanta.

Jennifer Mary Nicholson striped off all of her clothes, assaulted a woman and broke her nose, then proceeded to throw plates and food at other patrons and at a window. Apparently, no one intervened to stop the birthday-suited nut case from tearing the place up.

The Atlanta Journal Constitution reports that Nicholson also assaulted one of the officers who responded to the situation.

The naked nonsense took place on January 8th. Nicholson remains in the Cobb County jail without bond and fully clothed, we hope.