While the 'Netflix and Chill' trend has been sweeping the nation, it seems that the married couples are a little left out. Nobody is talking about the old, classic Netflix date night and the inevitable fights that go along with it. It's one thing to say, "Let's watch something on Netflix." It's a completely different thing to agree on what to watch.

The people at The Watercooler have come up with an idea to help out this situation. Their new Netflix feature, 'Netflix Settle,' stops the fights by deciding for you. You want to watch an episode of 'The Walking Dead' but your spouse wants to watch 'Police Academy.' Congratulations, you get to watch 'Frozen!'

While this may be a joke, it's not that far fetched. There's actually a website called 'Netflix Roulette' that take the choosing out of the equation for you. Use it if you want this new feature in real life.