What color is your car? Do you like it? If you could easily change it, would you? I mean if you could change the color of your car simply by changing your mood, would you? Kinda like a mood ring for your morning commute.

According to reports, Peugeot has a car that does just that.

According to the Economic Times, Engineers at French car manufacturer Peugeot have unveiled a new car that uses reactive paint to change the car's body color to match the owner's emotions.


The Peugeot RCZ uses a steering wheel with built-in heat sensors that gauge the driver's body temperature and pulse rate which changes the color of the car's psychochromatic mood paint. A product manager for Peugeot said in a press release, "This really is a world first for motoring, to have developed a paint that accurately reflects the emotion of the driver, will no doubt have our competitors green with envy."

Dave D.