Cue up the X Files theme! Another remarkable crop circle formation has sprung up - or been layed down - in Wiltshire, England.

The aliens must be getting tired of our inability to understand their coded messages because this one is a very clear image of the head of one of them (the aliens) smoking a pipe. (Although I'm still not sure what the message is. Maybe they don't have the ability to grow pipe tobacco where they come from?)

But wait! This story gets even better! The name of the person who first reported the formation is Weirdsma! (You can't make up something like that!)

Exactly what the figure in the formation is smoking is anyone's guess, but England does have a long history of loving their pipe tobacco. Then again, maybe the aliens have been listening to Eric Church's Smoke A Little Smoke as they floated above our atmosphere in their UFOs.

Click here to see the Pipe Smoking Crop Circle story from ThisIsWiltshire.

While we don't get too many here in the states, crop circles seem to be fairly common in the U.K., here is an overview of some of the more interesting formations from last year.

And here's Eric Church.

Who knew that interplanetary travelers enjoyed Country Music?

Let me know if you see any crop circles here in Texoma!

Dave D.