So you thought Usain Bolt was fast while you were watching the Olympics? Ha! A robotic "Cheetah" funded by the Pentagon runs at the speed of 28.3 miles per hour which is faster than Usain's 27.8 mph.



Boston Dynamics, the company that built the machine, said in a press release: "To be fair, keep in mind that the Cheetah robot runs on a treadmill without wind drag and has an off-board power supply that it does not carry. So, Bolt is still the superior athlete."

The head of the Cheetah program went on to say that they are building an outdoor version called Wildcat that should be ready to test sometime early next year. The US Defense Department wants these devices to use in places where tires and tracks wouldn't work so well and the designers think they may also be used for emergency response missions.

Dave D.