When I was a child, I loved watching movies where an unlikely pair of animals would team up. As and adult, I still enjoy hearing stories about the cat who takes on a lost puppy or a lioness who adopts a pig. I can't help it, I'm a big softie.

In New York, a real-life story of an unlikely pair hit the news this week. A deer has been standing watch over a nesting female goose. Even stranger, the event has been happening at a city cemetary.

For at least [few] days, the buck stood guard near the nest of a Canada goose as she sits on her eggs inside a large urn at Forest Lawn cemetery, home to the remains of President Millard Fillmore and rock icon Rick James.

"He does appear to be guarding the goose, as it were," Erie County SPCA Wildlife Administrator Joel Thomas said. "He's within touching distance of her -- there's no doubt what's going on."

The deer, which he said looks like a buck that has shed its antlers, has not strayed from his post.

The full scope of why the deer was there was discovered by employees when the deer got between them and the nest. Apparently he didn't want anyone messing with the goose. It seems geese have been a problem in this particular cemetary, and they typically trap and relocate the birds.

This just goes to show that you never know where you'll find a story-book tale. Awwww.

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