Well, that is terrifying. 

Alicia Williams is from Irving, Texas and without a doubt won her costume contest. She also is one of the most viral Halloween costumes this season. Her daughter posted some photos to her Twitter and they're racking up thousands of likes and retweets. She won a $100 gift card at her work costume contest.

Williams said it wasn't easy making this thing. "I tried to make the fridge look really real," she explained. "I copied the LG emblem and cut it out with foil ... and then I tried to make it stainless steel instead of white." She even cut her finger at one point and used the blood on the inside of the freezer. So that's real blood in some parts.

She also had to make herself look dead. She used rock candy to make it look like she was frozen and her daughter sprayed her hair silver. It's a great original costume also a little creepy that we just posted a story last week about someone in Texas putting their wife's head in the freezer.