Showing the best and brightest Texas has to offer, we take a look at  From Austin, TX, prides itself on the being a destination for all geeks, no matter what you geek out over.

Another site to spring up in the ashes of the popular site, former Spill members and regular collaborators Chris Cox and Brian Salisbury decided to join up and continue their work from Spill, but making sure that the site would be welcoming to all.  According to the site's manifesto,

For too long, the geek community has been divided into factions, and the internet has furthered this division by dedicating site to just one subset or another.

But what if you're a film geek who also digs sports?  What if you collect Blu-rays and have a fascination with radio dramas?

In that case, you are one of us.

One of Us, named from the controversial 1932 horror film 'Freaks', produces a tremendous amount of content on a regular basis, spanning many forms of geekdom from movies, to comics, and even sports. One of Us shows include...

  • Digital Noise - Hosts Brian Salisbury, Chris Cox, and Richard Whittaker look at new DVD and Blu Ray releases.
  • Inside the Locker - Proving that geeks can be sports fans, Brian Salisbury is joined by J.C. Deleon, Adam Charles, and Elliot Fontenette.  Covering the latest in sports news and then a themed topic each episode, the guys say that while they were stuffed inside lockers at school, they were reading the sports section while they were in there.  ITL also features live commentaries of major WWE events like the Royal Rumble and Wrestlemania.
  • The Original Gentlemen - Founders of the original Spill show "The League of Extremely Ordinary Gentlemen", Chris Cox, Martin Thomas, and David Beau Paul continue in the tone of the original LEOG with a pure pop culture discussion.
  • The Screamcast - A celebration of horror hosted by Sean Duregger, Brand Henderson, and Brian Saur.
  • The Diecast - Jacob Hall covers the latest in table top, miniature, and role play gaming.
  • Infestation - One of Us' coverage of festivals and conventions.  The crew has recently been covering SXSW.

Apart from the regular shows, One of Us features unique radio dramas 'Salt' and 'Infinite Variations', full-length film commentaries in 'Watch a Movie With Us', film reviews with the 'Highly Suspect Reviews', just to name a few.

One of Us isn't just about the audio, or the video with their YouTube channel and shows, but the written as well, posting regular blogs.  'Shades of Cinema' gives a little seen look into films through the eyes of a make up artist, 'Smark Country' delves into the world of professional wrestling, 'Ash & Fern' covers just about anything and everything, and 'Geek Inherits the Earth' reminds us what is out there in our world covering recent headlines and political commentary.

One of the continuing themes from the old days to now is fan interaction, making fans truly feel like they are "one of us".  In making the fans even more a part of the site and its success, Brian and Chris brought in fans as intern writers, known as "The Intern-net", and started a subscription service, providing subscribing fans with insentives like exclusive commentaries, download access to live streams, exclusive shows, and more active participation in the site.

No matter where your geek cred comes from, 'One of Us' is a site that has your covered, and may even open your eyes to another passion.

Check out One of Us on Facebook and Twitter too.