Every once in a while a juicy story comes out of lives of royalty, and the British monarchy are always being watched for such a story. If you’ve been waiting for a new tale, Prince Charles is offering it up. He’s claiming to be related to Vlad the Impaler.

Vlad was a 15th-Century ruler who is known for being a terror to those in his region. He was blood-thirsty and cruel, impaling countless people during his reign. It has been said that he even impaled people inside his home, near where he would dine. While they slowly lost their lives, he would dip his bread in their blood.

While legends undoubtedly change over the course of centuries and the bloody bread story may just be lusty imagination, it is well documented that Vlad was a terrible man. Bram Stoker even used him as the inspiration for his novel “Dracula.”

Today, Prince Charles is stating to the press that he’s related to the tyrant. His purpose? Charles is a conservationist and is working to save the forests in Romania’s Transylvania region. Perhaps he feels that the revelation will, in some weird twist, get more people to back him and his cause. It certainly has the press talking about him, and to relate that press to a conservation effort will probably actually work.

I prefer to think that Charles, while he may appear stuffy and boring, is just getting into the Halloween spirit. At the same time, I wonder how many Charles-as-a-vampire costumes will spring up on Monday…

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