Who would have guessed that there was a need for the sport of Rabbit Hopping?  What is Rabbit Hopping you ask? Well, it's where people take pet rabbits and run them through obstacle courses and have them jump over things. It's like dog agility training, only with rabbits.  Here's a video of some of the best rabbit hops of 2012

The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club seems to be the biggest North American proponents of this sport

The Canadian Rabbit Hopping Club, like a lot of things, had a very humble beginning. During their 2005/2006 4-H year members Amanda Greening (entering her 2nd year in the 4-H rabbit project) & Krysta Turner (entering her first year) were looking for a fun activity to round out their project. That's when they found a website from Denmark & a magazine on the sport of rabbit hopping, which is like dog agility, but just with jumps. Although they did not have Dutch rabbits, generally the rabbit of choice, they thought it looked like fun.

On their website and YouTube channel you can see many more videos and learn more about the history of this sport