In case you were in no way connected to the world, yesterday America played Germany in the world cup. In a crazy turn of events, the USA lost the game, but still advanced on to the knockout stage. It seemed like almost everyone I know was looking for ways to skip work to be able to watch the game.

You can count Robert De Niro in with those who weren't going to miss this highly anticipated match up. The actor was in Brooklyn filming his next film, The Intern. Apparently Warner Brother's Studios had e-mailed the apartment building they were near to see about putting up a satellite dish so De Niro would have be able to watch it.

Things didn't go exactly as planned, but don't worry. He still got to watch the game. According to Business Insider, De Niro ended up getting invited to a house near by that was hosting a watch party.

Seriously, how wild would that be. You're just hanging out with your friends, watching sports, and suddenly in walks Vito Corleone!  My mind would certainly be blow!

Speaking of blown minds, just for fun. Here's some pictures of Robert De Niro with kittens. You're Welcome!

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