It's a foregone conclusion that we wouldn't have a Hotter N Hell Hundred without the efforts, energy and vision of Roby Christie. It was his idea, after all, to ditch the idea of a 100 hour rocking chair marathon in favor of a 100 mile bicycle ride to celebrate Wichita Falls' 100th anniversary those thirty years ago.

This year we're expecting about 15,000 riders, along with their non riding friends and families, to visit Wichita Falls on the weekend of August 26 - 28 for the 30th Annual Hotter N Hell Hundred. Those visitors pump and enormous amount of money into our economy through hotels, restaurants, entertainment and what not. From it's innocuous beginning as a way to celebrate the first century of Wichita Falls to what it is today, one of the largest, most talked about century rides in the world, the Hotter N Hell Hundred has taken on a life of it's own. Because one man decided it would be more interesting to ride a bicycle 100 miles in 100 degree heat than sit in a rocking chair for 100 hours.

At last nights Hotter N Hell Hundred Steering Committee meeting the Board of Directors surprised Roby Christie by presenting him with the very first Rouse Hotter N Hell Hundred 30th Anniversary Edition bicycle ever produced. The bicycles are available to the riding world on a limited basis, and Roby's is serial number 001. It could not have gone to a better home.

Thank you, Roby, for everything you've done for the Hotter N Hell Hundred and for our community.

Dave D.