photo by: Joshua Harris

Rodney’s Atkins’ “The Most Hits For The Money Tour” made a stop in Wichita Falls on Saturday, April 6, and Blake was there for a great show!

It all started with country up and comer Tyler Farr playing a solo acoustic set.  Although he only played for 20 minutes, it was enough to get the crowd going and a good intro to a new artist. His rich baritone voice got the crowd singing along and ready for a night of live tunes.

At 8pm Josh Thompson took the stage. The volume was turned up as the band busted out loud electric guitar riffs with Josh’s vocals about having fun and drinking beer. He even through in a few classic country covers to make sure that even the “old country” crowd would be having a good time.

At 9pm it was finally time for the main event. Rodney Atkins took the stage and opened with one of his biggest hits, Farmer’s Daughter. The audience was up and on their feet. Singing along to songs like “Take A Back Road,” “ It’s America,” and “These are My People.”

Rodney’s stage setup included many small video screens that formed one big picture that accented many of the songs.  It was pretty cool to see the American flag during “It’s America” and video of Rodney playing guitar with his son during “Watching You.”

One of the highlights of the show was the encore. When Rodney and the band came back on stage to perform “If You’re Going Through Hell” he pulled a kid from the crowd up on stage to sing with him! It was his first concert and you can bet it’s one he will never forget!

Check out all the photos from the show and the Meet and Greet in the gallery below!