Phoenix Jones made news earlier this year when he proclaimed that he’s the next superhero. The Seattle man dresses up in a mask and cape, and seeks out injustices in his town then goes about fixing them. This week, however, Jones found himself in a court room. When he arrived before the judge, he was wearing his mask.

The reason for the court appearance stems from an altercation last weekend, where Jones claims he was breaking up a fight. He used pepper spray on four people who were leaving a night club, but the individuals sprayed insist they weren’t fighting.

Jones, who’s real name is Benjamin John Francis Fodor, has yet to be charged with anything relating to the night club incident, but his day in court was to aid in making that decision. There’s no word yet on whether or not actual charged will be filed.

During the hearing Thursday, a court officer asked Jones to remove his mask and he complied. He also wore a superhero uniform under a button-down shirt.

Jones put his mask back on after the hearing to speak with reporters — then dramatically removed it again to reveal his true identity.

While I commend the idea behind what Jones is doing, I have to laugh because I envision Batman or Superman having pepper spray. Obviously your average human can’t perform in the way that superheroes of the movies do, but the term “superhero” leaves a lot to live up to. Revealing yourself in a dramatic fashion is not something that Bruce Wayne would have done.

Nevertheless, Jones has now shown his face. Will he continue his mission of justice sans mask in the future?

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