Sheppard Air Force Base is a huge part of the mosaic that makes up Wichita Falls. Even so, it's a part of our city that most of us don't get to visit very often. That's why it's always fun when they have an open house. Some years it's a big, blowout, Independence Day celebration. Other years it's an Air Show.

This year is one of the Air Show years!

There will be plenty to look at with T-38 trainers (the ones we see and hear flying over our heads almost every day), F-15 fighters, giant C-17 cargo haulers and more on the ground for us to check out up close. And there's even more excitement overhead with the aerial part of the show!

Among others, we'll be treated to the Aeroshell Aerobatic Team and their AT-6 Texans.



We'll also get a show from the F-16 Fighting Falcon, often referred to as the Viper; some old fashioned biplanes doing some old fashioned barnstorming; a demonstration of the the A-10, an aircraft designed to take out tanks that ended up being so ... some would say ... "ugly" ... that they nicknamed it the Warthog and many more.

The feature performers for this year's Salute To Warriors Air Show are the Snowbirds from the Canadian Air Force!



The Salute To Warriors Open House and Air Show is scheduled for Saturday and Sunday, October 1st and 2nd, is free to the public (Don't we all just love those words?) and family friendly. So bring grandma and granddad, bring the kids, bring your camera and your binoculars, but don't bring any large bags or coolers. Sheppard Air Force Base is still on an elevated level of security, so you might want to visit their site to see exactly what will or will not be allowed into the show.

Click here for the Sheppard Air Force Base Air Show website.

Keep looking up, because all of these planes and jets will have to fly in for the show, and that's almost an air show in itself!

Dave D.