The Christmas Tree wasn't  popular in America until after World War II. Now they are seen in almost every home! So let's take a look at some of Wichita Falls' Tree Farms. We'll help you find that perfect Christmas Tree, that's just right. Guaranteed for even the pickiest of people!

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    A Real Christmas Tree

    If you're really all about Christmas, then get yourself a live tree and decorate it! Here is the closest location for Christmas Tree Farms in Wichita Falls: T & T Christmas Tree Farm - Choose and cut trees.

    *Now for those of us who are allergic to Christmas trees and don't want to risk bringing home live animals that are hiding in the tree, like in the movie Christmas Vacation, I have some other suggestions...

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    A Big Christmas Tree

    How about a huge Christmas Tree to compensate for the fact you can't have a real one. Hobby Lobby and Lowe's are great Christmas "Tree Farms" for those fake Christmas Trees!

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    A Skinny Christmas Tree

    Not enough space for a big Christmas Tree? How about a skinny Christmas Tree! This Christmas Tree can be used not only to decorate you're home but as a slimming tool as well! This skinny Christmas Tree will make you feel guilty when you're over indulging in ginger bread cookies. To find these pencil pines check out "Tree Farms" Hobby Lobby and Walmart!

    Flickr user The Daring Librarian
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    A Small Christmas Tree

    Skinny Tree still too big? Try the mini Christmas Tree! You won't break your back lugging this tree out of storage every year! Plus a mini tree makes it look like there are more presents under the tree than there really are for your kids! Save money and spare you're back, deal! This mini tree can be found at "Tree Farms" Walmart and Target.

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    An Extremely Fake Christmas Tree

    Green not your color? Ya, I agree it's to nature-ish. Try a hot pink Christmas Tree that would make even Barbie jealous! You can find these bright beauties at the "Tree Farm" So fab!

    Flickr user JD Hancock
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    A Christmas Tree In The Front Yard

    Okay, so you want a Christmas Tree, but just not in your house. I completely understand. I would suggest using your own front yard as a Tree Farm! Just find a pine tree around your house, in your neighbors yard, or even at Lucy Park to decorate!

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    A Christmas Plant In The Front Yard

    Why discriminate against your other plants around Christmas? Pine trees aren't easy to find in Texas. Just decorate whatever plant or tree that's in your front yard!

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