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Put Some Art & Soul Into Your Wichita Falls Weekend
This year’s event is on Indiana Avenue between 9th and 10th streets and you’re sure to find some new one-of-a-kind artistic creation that you just can’t live without and lineup of performers this year includes everything from theatre groups to rock bands.
New Gymnastics Center Ready to Open in Wichita Falls
Looks like the first phase for one of our Wichita Falls YMCA is complete and ready to go tomorrow.
The YMCA of Wichita Falls just off Southwest Parkway announced the Y's Capital Campaign not too long ago. Included in that are: Dillard Early Childhood & Youth Development Center (with Infant/Toddle…
Country Stars Are Just Like Us -- We've Got the Pics to Prove It!
Country stars have enviable bank accounts, elaborate homes and a whole lot of stage time. They hit up red carpets and fly around the world, getting mobbed by fans wherever they go. But could it be that, despite those obvious differences, country stars are just like us?