A few weeks ago, I stumbled upon an interesting website called The Something Store. The premise of the website is pretty simple: You send them money and they send you something. You don't know what that something will be and really, that's the entire allure to the site. All You know is that it's going to be worth what you spend and it will arrive within 7 business days.


Much like a cat, curiosity got the best of me. I just had to see how this would all play out. "I've wasted $10 on much dumber things in my life," I thought to myself, "plus, if I do it 'for work' I can probably write it off on my taxes!" Needless to say, there was no reason to turn back. I logged on and placed my order!


Now it was just a matter of waiting up to 7 business days. Luckily, I found ways to occupy my time. I played with my dog. I went to work. I watched some TV.  Finally I got a sign that the end of my wait was near!

Screenshot Of my e-mail

A few more days of anticipation passed and then one day I came home to find a package in my mailbox.

I must admit, based on the website graphics, I had expected a proper brown box, but I was not any less excited to receive this white bag. Understandably, I did what any sensible 29 year old man who had just gotten 'something' in the mail would do. I took a bunch of selfies with it.

After wasting far too much time taking pictures, it was finally time to see what my $10 had earned me. It was time to finally find out what my 'something' was. With the help of my trusty dog, Bulleit, I set up the video camera and filmed the opening of my Something Store package!

After up to 7 days of waiting, wondering what my $10 would bring me, sleepless nights with visions of 'somethings' dancing in my head, I finally found out what my 'something' was! I was now the proud owner of a blueish purple golf hat.

So, to celebrate my newly acquired fashion accessory, I did what any sensible 29 year old man would do. I took more selfies.

After all was said and done, I'd say I was pretty pleased with my Something Store adventure. Would I have gone out and spent $10 buying the hat in the first place? No. In fact I don't think I'll ever wear it. But, for the cost of only $10 I experienced days of excitement the likes of which I hadn't felt since being a child before Christmas morning. I doubt I'll be doing it again any time soon, but then again, I do get bored and impulsive pretty easily.

Oh, and just in case you were wondering, Bulleit seemed to like the hat a lot too!