A simple picture of a jackrabbit in a cemetery outside Fort Davis captured something far more interesting: a possible unidentified flying object (UFO).

New York Times best-selling author Jenny Lawson uploaded a photo of what looks to be a square-shaped UFO hovering in the sky to her website The Bloggess.

According to Lawson, the object wasn't in a photo taken just one second earlier.

"It was St. Joseph's cemetery outside of Fort Davis," Lawson writes. "We didn't hear anything and nothing else showed up on the other pictures before or after."

Lawson admits she is baffled by the photo. And so are we. It kind of reminds us of a similar-looking possible UFO sighting in El Paso recently.

In that video, published June 29, 2015, what looks like a cube is seen in the sky above El Paso, along with a blackish portal. It's fueled a lot of speculation, including talk of a government cover-up.

What do you think? Did Lawson's picture really capture a UFO? Are aliens, like humans with good taste, being drawn to Texas? Something something Jade Helm? Share your thoughts in the comment section.

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