A police memorial in Ohio has seen a few of its flags go missing over the past few days. Nobody knew who or what was taking the flags until now. Squirrels are stealing them!

Two officers noticed a squirrel taking the flag off its dowel the other day and taking off with it. Since squirrels are fairly quick, it made off with the flag and the officers couldn’t catch it. To make their case even more solid, a squirrel’s nest was noticed outside of a third-floor window later, complete with twigs and leaves, plus at least two of the flags!

I think there are quite a few people out there who would say squirrels are stupid, but I have to hand it to these guys – they’re pretty crafty to be taking the flags off the dowels and incorporating them in their nests. Perhaps they’re the interior designers of their species. Plus, the fabric probably provides some sort of warmth if the temperatures drop a bit at night.

After all, not everyone in the U.S. has the kind of heat that we’re dealing with.

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