When I was in school, there were times that I really needed to go. Like, really needed to go. But after the age of about three, I knew where the appropriate places were to do my business.

I’ve also been a substitute teacher, so I understand how one could really need a bathroom break and not have the opportunity to get out of the class. When it’s elementary school, however, there are usually sufficient breaks in which to relieve yourself.

So this guy in Georgia apparently decided it was do-or-die, because he needed to GO. He asked a classroom full of fourth-graders to keep looking ahead and not look at him, then proceeded to pee in the trash. As if they wouldn’t hear it and wonder what on earth he was doing!

One of the students took offense to the act and alerted the school office, who in turn called the police.

The guy didn’t admit to doing the deed. I guess the police will have to go with the “evidence” at hand in the form of a wet trash can.

Where’s the strangest place you’ve peed?

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