LEGO Criticized For Too Many ‘Angry’ Characters
When one thinks of LEGO, controversy isn't usually something that comes to mind.  But what if LEGOs were giving children the wrong idea about emotions?
Since their debut in 1975, the iconic LEGO figures have featured primarily happy and angry faces, but according to a new study, the ratio o…
Florida Coast Invaded By 8 Foot Tall Lego Man [VIDEO]
Did you have Lego toys when you were a kid? I did. But I never built an 8 foot tall Lego man! Someone did, and he washed ashore in Florida just the other day. Due to his ... shall we say ... unorthodox entry the United States, he's currently being held in Sarasota, Florida, police custody...
Giant Lego Ball
I know this is bogus, I saw Myth Busters shred it while I was on the treadmill this morning, but it's still fun!  And you have to love the Indiana Jones costumes and music.