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Is Two Too Young To Watch TV? – Survey of the Day
The American Academy of Pediatrics is now advising parents not to let their children under 2 years old watch any TV at all, saying that even educational shows like Sesame Street can delay language development. The issue is that when these young children are in front of the TV, it replaces time inter…
Are Vitamins Good Or Bad? – Survey of the Day
Almost everyone I know takes vitamins. My mother had us taking them as children and they always made sense to me.
Until now.
The results of two new studies show that taking vitamins can sometimes cause harm instead of good. University of Minnesota researchers found that elderly women who took vitamins…
How Do You Select The Movies You See? – Survey of the Day
Welcome to our new way of conducting listener polls. We're calling it the Question Of The Day, and here's the first one.
The Hollywood Reporter says that a lot of people will choose to see or not see a movie based on whether they agree or disagree with the political stance of the stars in t…