Taylor Swift

Taylor Swift Still on the Lookout for Next Acting Job
Taylor Swift is by no means a one-trick pony. In addition to selling top albums and chart-busting songs, the 22-year-old country star has also successfully dipped her toe into the waters of acting. If Swift has her way, we could see more of her on the big screen soon.
Taylor Swift Hints at Big News on the Way
Country music darling and America’s sweetheart Taylor Swift dropped some big hints on her Facebook page yesterday (July 9), eluding that big news is on the way. While she didn’t specifically say that the to-be-announced reveal is related to her new album — due o…
Taylor Swift Shares Creative ‘Eyes Open’ Lyric Video
Taylor Swift‘s rocking singing voice in this cryptic song has been the perfect addition to ‘The Hunger Games’ soundtrack, but so far, we haven’t seen the ‘Eyes Open’ and ‘Safe & Sound’ singer do much with the music she made for the movie (other than contribute to an awesome soundtrack, of course…

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