UFO Crash Lands Beside Road [VIDEO]
Here's an amazing video of a UFO that crash landed by the side of a road. What kind of space alien could be inside? Would you approach it?
And you thought it was little green men inside the space ships! Ha!
Dave D.
Area 51 DOES Exist – Spy Plane Pictures
Area 51. It's one of those mysterious sites in the Nevada desert that everyone talks about, but no one will "officially" talk about. A lonely military base protected with the latest in security measures. Yet, officially, it doesn't exist.
That's what they wanted us to…
Battle: Los Angeles Back Story [VIDEO]
By now I'm sure you've seen trailers for the new movie, "Battle: Los Angeles", but did you know that L.A. may was approached by still unidentified aircraft during World War II? That's what the L.A. Times reported back on February 26, 1942...

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