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Walking and Texting and Bears, OH MY! [VIDEO]
A black bear has been showing up in a neighborhood outside L.A. for a month, and yesterday morning authorities finally caught it.  But not before it gave one resident the scare of his LIFE.  It happened in La Crescenta, about 10 miles north of L...
Fourth Grade Girl Talks Herself Into First Ski Jump
Facing your fears is part of being human. We’ve all had to talk ourselves into doing something, whether we actually verbalized the encouragement or just played it silently in our brain.
The fourth grade girl in the video below is a verbalizer. With a camera running, she meth…
Two Firemen Dressed in Drag Put Out a Burning Car
It’s a little unusual to drive down a rural highway and see a car engulfed in flames. It’s even more unusual to see two firemen dressed in drag dousing those flames with a fire hose. And yet, that’s exactly what happened in Minnesota recently.
Angry Garbage Man Caught on Camera Destroying Mailbox
As this video begins, one is impressed with the speed with which this garbage man jumps from his truck and begins disposing of the waiting trash bags. Now that’s one dedicated civil servant.
However, things quickly take a turn when his haste becomes rage and he begins smashing a trash…
10 Daring Babies Escaping Their Cribs
Earlier this week we brought you ‘The Funniest Crib Escape Ever.” And that’s not faint praise, because the internet is full of videos featuring babies scaling the walls of their beds/prisons.
Girl Gets Knocked Out by Her Own Birthday Cake [VIDEO]
A birthday video from 2010 is making the rounds online right now.  It could have been set up, but it seems legit.
It's a 16-year-old girl blowing out the candles on her cake.  Then one of her friends decides to grab her by the head and shove her face into it, but does it way too hard a…

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