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Best/Hottest Bartenders In Wichita Falls-Joe’s Top Five
With the scorching 100+ degree weather we have had here in Wichita Falls as of late, its only habitual for the need to wet our whistles. I don’t know about you, but when it come to cooling off I reach for the coldest of cold beers. With all the great places to “belly up” here in the Falls, Id much …
It’s So Hot In Wichita Falls That …
As the summer of 2011 heat wave continues in Wichita Falls, records are falling every day.
We tied the all time record for consecutive days with temperatures of 100 degrees or more yesterday (08.02.11).
That means that until we have a day that does NOT break 100 degrees, every day sets a new record.
Worst Traffic Lights In Wichita Falls – Tony’s Top 5
Compared to a big city or a metroplex, driving through Wichita Falls doesn’t suck so bad.  But that doesn’t mean there aren’t irritating parts around town.
Top 5 Worst Traffic Lights In Wichita Falls
1.  Call Field @ Lawrence
If I understand my …
Wichita Falls About To Enter Drought Watch: Stage One
So, fellow, Wichitans, it looks likes we need to implement some big-time water conservation! City leaders met today to discuss the conditions we've undergone the last few months and it looks like Drought Watch 2011 will be upon us sooner than we'd like to believe. Here's the officia…
Wichita Falls Warmest Overnight Low – EVER!
Yay! We set another record!
Hey ... When we're this hot for this long we need to find ways to enjoy it, dontcha think?
I got up shortly after 7:00 this morning and it was already 89 degrees. EIGHTY-NINE degrees! At 7:00am!
Urban Legends And Ghost Stories Around Wichita Falls
Image From Flickr User jonfeinstein.
Do you believe in ghosts? Well there are reported haunted places and legends around Wichita Falls that you should take a look at before making up your mind.

Claire Kowalick/Times Record News

Pinky's Cave

Pinky's Cave is a scary drai…
Best Outdoor Activities In Wichita Falls – Our Top Five
I know it gets hot in Wichita Falls but going outdoors once in a while is important! Going outside has been proven to have numerous health benefits. So grab some sunscreen and a water bottle and go outside! Here are some of Wichita Falls best outdoor activies to give you some ideas on what to do
Kayak In The Wichita River
Here is a fun summer activity. Kayak in the Wichita River. I haven't done this since being in Camp Fire, but I plan to do it again this summer if the river isn't too low!
Kayaking is a great workout and an easy one to do around here...

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