Billboard Magazine has released their list of the top earning acts of 2011, and it looks like Taylor Swift is sitting a top the list once again. Billboard is reporting Swift brought home $35,719,902 by the end of last year, putting her just ahead of U2, Kenny Chesney, and Lady Gaga on the top earning list. After the completion of her "Fearless" Tour, many in the industry were uncertain if Swift would be able to find the same success on her third album as she did her first two. Swift answered with a resounding yes as her Speak Now album and tour netted huge numbers worldwide.

Here are some other entertainers from the top of the list as well as their earnings for 2011,

10. Adele - $13,081,909

9. Jason Aldean - $13,409,011

8. Celine Dion - $14,261,515

7. Bon Jovi - $15,835,856

6. Sade - $16,382,809

5. Lil Waye - $23,178,722

4. Lady Gaga - $25,353,035

3. Kenny Chesney - $29,837,103

2. U2 - $32,116,315

1. Taylor Swift - $35,719,902

Find the full Billboard Magazine top earning entertainers list here.