I am honestly shocked my high school self didn't die this same way. 

I will readily admit to using deodorant spray in my life. Gym class ends in high school, not taking a shower, so coat yourself in this crap. I used to joke that I was wearing enough to kill an elephant. To my surprise, some deodorant spray actually killed a British teen.

Thomas Townsend died after he inhaled too much gas from a spray-on deodorant.

“He sprayed it all over himself and succumbed to the effects of the gas,” the coroner Rachel Redman said, according to Kent Online.

The teen’s mother, Sally Townsend, said he would use the spray-on deodorant instead of bathing. After police examined his room at the children's home near Folkestone, Kent, they found 42 cans of aerosol products, including deodorant and hair spray.

I guess use this stuff in small amounts, guys. Don't substitute this for showering as well. Get your butt in the shower and scrub down you filthy animal.