This is what happens when you get too comfortable in your relationship. You stop worrying about your nasty smells, and you might actually start wanting your significant other to bask in your stench with you.

Bad idea.

Robinson Pinilla-Bolivar (Midland PD)

Earlier this month, 24-year-old Robinson Pinilla-Bolivar of Midland, Texas went up to his girlfriend Sara Bustilloz while she was doing dishes and asked her to smell his armpit.

It's unclear whether or not he was showing off how bad it smelled, or if he wanted to make sure it didn't smell, or maybe he was just trying to be funny. Either way, she refused and he flipped out.

He got so mad he punched her in the back of the head and pulled a knife on her. Before he could do anything with the knife, she managed to run away and call police.

Pinilla-Bolivar was arrested for aggravated assault and he is now facing up to 20 years in prison.