I was still half asleep listening to our sister station News Talk 1290 this morning and I heard one of the Mikes say that Texas is thinking of raising the speed limit to 85 mph.


My speed demon days are well behind me, but even so, I don't see how this would be a good move. Whatever would be gained by being able to travel 15 mph faster would be offset in the increased cost of fuel because once you get up over about 60 mph the increased airflow dramatically reduces any vehicle's fuel efficiency.

I'm also pretty concerned about some of the drivers I know when they drive at 70. God help us if they can drive 85!

And what about those who believe that speed limits are rather like the rules of piracy, more suggestion than law? Will those who drive 85 in 70 zones now (And you know who you are!) then be compelled to drive 100 mph? In a Hyundai SUV?

To be fair, the idea is to add high speed (85 mph) lanes to new roads yet to be designed and built, but I have some serious reservations about the whole thing. You can read the ABC News article here.

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Dave D.