Some people can't even hit a bulls-eye from just a few feet away. That's not the case for these Texans. They decided to try to go for the furthest distance they can and still hit the target. How far? How about over 2 miles!

Jim Spinella was the man who pulled the trigger on this amazing show. He worked with the guys from Hill County Rifles and a custom designed rifle they made for him. The shot was taken back in November, but the video was just posted recently.

It took a few hours to get everything aligned, but before the sun set that day they worked out all the tweaks, got the scope just right, and Spinella pulled the trigger on the 375 CheyTac.

There's a big delay time between the trigger pull and the hit as the bullet travels 4210 yards over the FTW Ranch in Barksdale TX. As the guys look on they finally see what they had hoped for. About 2.4 miles away, the bullet hits the 36 inch target!

If you read the full description on the YouTube video page, you can get a lot more specifics about the gun and the work that went into it. One thing is for sure: Everything is bigger in Texas, including the target ranges!