'The Modern Rogue', an Austin, TX based YouTube show, is what you'd get if Mythbusters had an alcohol budget.

The official website says it best,

Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy, professional idiots, field test the things that will make you the most interesting person in the room.

Brian Brushwood and Jason Murphy first teamed up for the National Geographic show 'Hacking the System', showing viewers how to use hacks to get the most out of the holidays and traveling, making sure you keep your home safe, and avoid getting conned on the street and in stores. After the show wasn't picked up for another season, Brushwood and Murphy began setting their sites on continuing in the spirit of 'Hacking the System', but without the limitations of network censorship.

Brian Brushwood, a professional magician, is no stranger to YouTube, having worked on his show 'Scam School' for several years, centering on social engineering by showing the audience magic tricks and other games they can use to break the ice at the bar. Now, Brushwood and Murphy have teamed up to show audiences things they can do at home to make smoke bombs, hack the Taco Bell menu, turn disposable cameras into tasers, induce hallucinations without drugs, make a gas mask out of a two-liter bottle, and defend your home with a tear-gas paintball gun, just to name a few.

Cardboard armor. What could go wrong? (YouTube)

Part of being a Modern Rogue is not only being a scoundrel and warrior, as noted in the topics above, but also being a gentleman. To achieve this, Brushwood and Murphy team with an Austin bartender, Trevor, to show you the proper way to make a martini, a Manhattan, a whiskey sour, and other major mixers.

New episodes are uploaded every Friday, with uncensored outtakes loaded to the Scam Stuff YouTube page occasionally