The folks at Buzzfeed always seems to have too much time on their hands. Lucky for us, that means that when they compile a crazy list, all we need is the 2 1/2 minutes to watch a video.  There are a lot of wild and crazy names for towns in this country, and this video shows 1 for each state. From Intercourse, Pennsylvania to Disco, Illinois and 48, more.

The craziest town name in Texas, according to the video, is Ding Dong.  I must admit, I was unaware of this place, so I took to Wikipedia and found out how the central Texas town got it's name:

Ding Dong was named because of two early settlers in the town, Zulis Bell and Bert Bell, who opened a store and hired an artist, Cohn Cohen Hoover, to make a sign for it. The Bells instructed the sign painter to make a sign. Hoover painted a sign with two bells on it. Inside the bells, Hoover painted the initials of the Bell brothers. Underneath one bell he painted the word "Ding" and the word "Dong" under the other bell. Over the years, because of this sign, this community became known as Ding Dong