With all the talk about Blake's big Tropical Nights concert coming up, I can't help but start thinking about what a Mexican vacation would be like! Laying on the beach. Sipping a Margarita. Relaxing with some great music. It all sounds pretty nice.

Speaking of great music, here's my personal list of the Top 5 songs about Mexico.  I'll be listening to these as I get more and more pumped about this concert!

  • 5

    Dierks Bentley - Señor

    This song isn't really very much about a Mexican vacation, but Dierks Bentley will be at Tropical Nights, and this song can definitely get me pumped up to hear him!

  • 4

    Kenny Chesney-Beer In Mexico

    Would any tropical vacation be complete without a Kenny Chesney song?  It is impossible to think about partying on a beach and not start humming this tune.

  • 3

    Toby Keith-Stays In Mexico

    Just watching this video, you can imagine how cool a trip to Tropical Nights will be.  Sunshine, swim suits, drinks...it all looks so good! Toby knows how to have a good time south of the border.

  • 2

    Jason Boland & The Stragglers-Mexico or Crazy

    Great song by a great red dirt band.  Jason Boland puts it in a way anyone can understand...when you have to get away from your problems, head to Mexico.

  • 1

    Blake Shelton-Playboys Of The Southwestern World

    Blake Shelton spins quite a tail of two college friends and ended up in a Mexican jail. Hopefully you don't have that part happen, but if your party is half of what there's is, it was a good time.