After a summer like this, with 4th of July celebrations moved to September 3rd and then to New Year's Eve, we need something good. Something cool. We need ... A Little Christmas ... And we're gonna get some!

Trans Siberian Orchestra is scheduled to play Wichita Falls on Sunday, November 13th. I am so excited! I've loved their music for years, but never had the chance to go down to Dallas or up to Oklahoma City to catch a show. For those not familiar with the name Trans Siberian Orchestra, these are the guys that a lot of people use as sound tracks to their Christmas Lights videos.

Yeah, it's gonna be at Kay Yeager Coliseum and not Memorial Auditorium, but still, it's gonna be cool! And by November 13th, maybe it won't be 108 degrees any more!

Here's one of my favorite Trans Siberian Orchestra tunes, my goodness but this girl can sing!



Click here for more information about the event

Merry Christmas, y'all!

Dave D.