At the end of each semester, students at the University of Texas have a weird tradition where they stage a fake battle using foam swords.

But it's more dangerous than it sounds, because for some reason they stand on opposite sides of a busy road, wait for the light to run red, then run at each other and start mock fighting in the middle of the street.

Well on Friday, a freshman named Nick Engmann was the first person on his side to run out into the road - and he immediately got nailed by a bus.  Luckily, he only had minor injuries and got released from the hospital a few hours later.

You can't tell in the video, but it happened because the bus driver ran a red light.  It's his only accident in the last ten years though, so he's being suspended WITH pay.

When you watch the video, it's amazing the kid wasn't killed.  The bus launched him a good 20 feet down the pavement.

Watch a University of Texas Student get hit by a bus: