A scary moment during a volleyball game at Midwestern State is finally starting to look better.

Malori Maddox is a volleyball player for Lubbock Christian University. Back in November, her school was taking on Midwestern State. According to reports, Malori left the game with a headache. Apparently she had a brain bleed that needed surgery immediately in Wichita Falls. She was then transferred to Dallas.

Head Coach Jennifer Lawrence said Maddox was, “in exceptional care and we know her fighting spirit, optimism and faith will continue to shine.” Well, the family has now shared some videos of Malori recovering and they say she still has a 'long way to go'.

Mallori recently had her feeding tube removed and has started breathing on her own. She can actually now pick up a spoon and feed herself. You can read all about Malori's story and get the latest updates here.

We all hope to see her back to her normal self in the near future.