Let's face it, we all have some crappy coworkers. I don't think any of us has experienced anything this extreme, though. A Waffle House waitress in Georgia is being accused of poisoning her coworker with meth.

Waffle House security footage shows Sonserea Dawn Evans picking up her coworker's cup and taking it to the bathroom. People are assuming that is when she slipped the meth into her coworker's cup, which put him into a coma.

This incident actually happened on December 23, 2015, and Waffle House immediately terminated the employee after reviewing the tapes. Police collected evidence and interviewed witnesses for months before arresting Evans on charges of illegal drug possession and aggravated battery.

The man who was poisoned is still currently receiving treatment.

“At one point, he was in a comatose state on a ventilator,” police said. “He’s still in a medical facility. He’s been in some kind of medical treatment since the time this happened.”

I hope this doesn't deter a Waffle House opening in Wichita Falls. I want some of those hash browns in our town.

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